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Welcome to Kaiserpedia!

The state of the world in the Kaiserreich universe in January 1936

About this site

Hi and Welcome to Kaiserreich Wiki, also known as Kaiserpedia. Kaiserreich is a global Hearts of Iron 2 & Darkest Hour mod that builds an alternate history on a Central Powers WWI victory.


  • 14-12-2013 Hotfix for Kaiserreich 1.4 Beta 3 has been released
  • 17-11-2013 Kaiserreich 1.4 Beta 3 has been released

Did you know...

  • ...That Kaiserreich is one of the most popular mods in HoI2 and Darkest Hour?
  • ...That Chinese Emperor Pu Yi was often designated as "Heinrich Pu Yi" by German diplomats?

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